Engineering Statistics Internet Handbook

Disponibile in open access il testo Engineering Statistics Handbook

La pubblicazione è curata da NIST  e Sematech

Il testo si rivolge agli ingegneri e ai ricercatori e offre uno strumento utile per implementare i metodi statistici nella pratica quotidiana di lavoro

Tra gli argomenti trattati:

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Measurement Process Characterization
  3. Production Process Characterization
  4. Process Modeling
  5. Process Improvement
  6. Process or Product Monitoring and Control
  7. Product and Process Comparisons
  8. Assessment of Product Reliability

Una versione adatta per la stampa è scaricabile qui

Major features include:

  • Engineering question orientation
  • Practical problem solving approach
  • Graphics approach
  • Real data sets and case studies taken from semiconductor manufacturing and other industries
  • Interactive capability for users to run case studies and analyze their own data using DataPlotTM (NIST downloadable software)
  • Other software examples are also included

Additional resources

  • The SEMSTAT statistical package is also available to do many of the examples in the ESI Handbook
  • EWMA/MEMWA Software Package – a collection of statistical analysis routines that address AEC/APC issues.



  • Engineers, managers and scientists trying to answer questions and make decisions using the best statistical techniques readily available.
  • Educators who want to quickly construct short customized modules using Handbook materials and examples.


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