HFSP journal: una nuova pubblicazione open access


Una nuova pubblicazione open access:HFSP Journal
Editor-in-Chief Arturo Falaschi ICGEB, Trieste SNS, Pisa

The HFSP Journal aims to publish high quality, innovative interdisciplinary basic research at the frontier of biology over a wide range of organizational levels (from the molecular level to population biology) using principles strategies or technologies from the more quantitative disciplines (e.g. physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or informatics).

Alcuni dei temi trattati riguardano:

– computational approaches to gene, protein or signal transduction networks
– physical studies of the structure and dynamics of the molecular machinery of the cell
– mathematical, chemical and physical approaches to biological processes (e.g. morphogenesis, growth, genotype/phenotype relationship)
– novel chemical and physical approaches to studying biological phenomena (such as from synthetic chemistry and materials science)
– single molecule approaches to biological systems
– new ways of studying intracellular processes (e.g. novel methods from non-linear optics)
– novel physical and computational approaches to understanding brain and cognitive functions
– new methods in experimental and theoretical sciences that open up new approaches to understanding biological systems
– mathematical and computational approaches to evolutionary studies

Non è ancora uscito il primo numero che verrà messo on line nel Marzo 2007: è attivo il Call for papers


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