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IST 2006 – Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Workshop on Imagining Systems and Techniques
Volume 2006, 2006, Article number 1650780, Pages 82-85

Novel 3D reconstruction method for mandibular distraction planning

Tognola, G., Parazzini, M., Pedretti, G., Ravazzani, P., Grandori, F., Pesatori, A., Norgia, M., Svelto, C


In order to plan mandibular distraction, 3D techniques of volumetric reconstruction and image processing were applied. The 3D model of the mandible was obtained from standard 2D Computed Tomography images using a suitable 2D-to-3D image processing. The end purpose of this study is to provide the surgeon with a 3D model of the patient mandible where it would be possible to find, in the pre-surgical phase, the exact point of implantation with respect to patient’s anatomy and to build a customized distractor properly fitting the bone surface of the patient.

Author Keywords

Biomedical image processing; Biomedical measurements; Image edge analysis; Image enhancement; Image reconstruction; Image segmentation; Tomography

Per gli utenti di Politecnico di Milano il full text è disponibile qui



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